So you want a Ph.D.

…and you found yourself on this site.

I am assuming you are either:

(1) currently in graduate school, or

(2) deciding whether to attend graduate school, or

(3) deciding whether to drop out of graduate school, or

(4) debating the pros and cons of whether that doctorate degree will be worth it to you.

You probably heard the horror stories of going through academia (or unfortunately have some of your own). Nowadays, it takes an average of 8.2 years for graduate students to receive that beautiful doctorate degree. That’s like re-doing your bachelors agree, THREE TIMES!

You probably came across a fair share of articles trying to persuade you that pursing a Ph.D. is a waste of time. Yet, something about getting called “Dr.”  seems attractive.

But is it worth the years of your blood, sweat, tears, and sanity at the end of the day?

That unfortunately a questions I cannot answer for you.

HOWEVER, we can help!

We have already gave academia our blood, sweat, tears, and a bit of our soul. We made it to the other side of academia. We told reviewers to kick our @$$. We had our fingers fall after writing dozens of grants and papers. But, we finally get to call ourselves doctors.

Oh, and one more thing- We got our Ph.D.’s in less than 5 years.

Yes, this CAN be done. No, we are not crazy Einstein-like geniuses. We just worked our butts off and found a way to HACK graduate school.

I betcha I got you hooked now, right?

Well click the subscribe button below, come along the ride with us, and let us share you our secret.

-the Grad School HACKERS

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