Who are we?

We are scientists and researchers who have already gave our sweat, blood, and tears to academia. We have seen the days, weeks, months, and years fly through the window as we locked ourselves in our hot, sweaty, smelly research labs. We have hit all the bumps along the road trying to learn how to write a manuscript and navigate nasty review comments to get our papers published. We have spent hours to prepare our publications and got completely Sh*tted on by reviewers, for the 7th time it was resubmitted. We have repeated our experiments hundreds of times only to see it fail countless times. We  have survived on ramen noddles and Bud Light at least 4 out of the 7 days each week.

Yet, we finally learned how to crack the code to overcome the day-to-day challenges and hardships of research and graduate school life. We learned how to publish papers in high-impact journals and win fellowships and governmental grants to fund our research. We navigated the challenges of designing experiments and made research discoveries which no other human has ever done before. And, we finally received our wizard-like robes and hats to be greeted with the beautiful degree, known as the Doctorate of Philosophy, or the Ph.D.

We are the Grad School HACKERS and we completed graduate school in 5 years or less.

We are living proof this can be done without going insane and sacrificing your soul while trying to complete your Ph.D.

Our mission is to share what we have learned during our research journey and to reveal our secrets to finishing that Ph.D. quickly (but no guarantee, smoothly). Topics to be convered will include (but not limited to):

  • Determining whether pursuing a Ph.D. is right for you
  • Navigate your first year as a Ph.D. student
  • Pushing through those dreadful middle years, also known as the “slump”
  • Taking care of you: mind, body, and soul
  • Preparing and passing your qualifying exams and defense
  • Structuring and organizing your days and weeks effectively to get the most out of research
  • Learning how to conduct research
  • Balancing life as a graduate research assistant and teaching fellow
  • Writing theses, grants, publications, reviews
  • Overcoming  “imposter syndrome”
  • Having a life outside of graduate school
  • Managing your money as a broke graduate student (and now to make more $$)
  • Overcoming graduate school challenges and difficult people you meet along the way
  • Sharing your experience with friends and family without sounding insane
  • Enjoying your time navigating life as a graduate student

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